New Life Fellowship Free Will Baptist Church was founded on February 28, 1971 as Statesboro Free Will Baptist Church. Pastor William "Buddy" Morris was sent by the Georgia State Mission Board to Statesboro to plant a new Free Will Baptist church. Ten faithful souls joined together on that Sunday morning to have the first service of the Statesboro Free Will Baptist Church in the Statesboro High School cafeteria.

   Immediately the congregation began to grow, and they felt it was time to secure a more permanent location. So, in May, the church relocated to a block building on the corner of Beasley Road and Highway 80 East. This is the location of the Family Health Care Center.

   God continued to bless and compel the congregation to bigger and better things. in the fall of that same year this small group of motivated people purchased the property across the street to where we are presently located. After much prayer, planning, and persistence a new building was built and completed in November of 1975.

   During the following years the Lord has blessed in many ways. However, by the mid-90's the congregation had become discouraged, and the attendance had dwindled down to just a handful of people once again.

   Pastor Wayne Miracle became the pastor on Homecoming Day in May of 1998. He came with the desire to rekindle the vision of the mission that our Lord had called them to do. The church immediately began to work on building the attendance, and to completely renovate the interior of the facility. 

   On March 7, 2004 the church was officially renamed "New Life Fellowship Free Will Baptist Church." Evangelist, Dr. Michael Guido preached the Dedicatory Service. The church is moving forward and seeing significant growth both spiritually and numerically. The congregation is vibrant, enthused, and very optimistic about the future. It is evident that God is building His church here by the number of conversions and disciples that are being made through the power of God's Word. To God be the Glory, great things He hath done!

   Mission Statement

   To the glory of God, New Life Fellowship Free Will Baptist Church exists to be a faithful, Bible centered community of believers who passionately worships the Lord, Jesus Christ, and who seeks to share the gospel with unbelievers, spiritually mature believers through discipleship, and encourages our members to find and engage themselves in personal ministry in our community and the world.

   New Life Fellowship Free Will Baptist Church is a Bible believing church seeking to glorify Jesus Christ through joyful worship, passionate Bible preaching/teaching of the Gospel. We commit to be fervent in prayer, compassionate in sharing of the Good News with unbelievers across the street and around the world, teaching believers to be imitators of Christ, to build-up each other in the holy doctrines of Christ and the Apostles, and to receive and assimilate new believers into the family of God.
   We seek to gain the respect of the community by maintaining godly people, full of faith and integrity as church members, officers, and leaders. We seek to exhibit the love of Christ throughout our community through good works, living peaceable lives in unity with each other, serving one another, and our community with the same love and compassion. 
   We are committed to being steadfast in our faith, submissive, surrendered, and patient even in suffering and persecution until the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ!!!